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Children's Library of the Medina

The library was started by a group of neighbors living in the Fez Medina. We wanted to offer the children in our community a place where they could discover books and develop a love of reading. This is the only public library in the Medina and the only children’s library in Fez. The library seeks to provide a welcoming

place where children have easy access to age and culturally appropriate books and resources.

The Dar Zerhoune Donkey Project

The Dar Zerhoune Donkey project was established in June 2015 to provide regular veterinary care for the working donkeys of Moulay Idriss. We have four parts to the project: provide free monthly veterinary care, educate the donkey owners to take better care of their donkeys’ needs, provide equipment that improves the donkeys health, and vaccinate our donkey population. The project is fully funded by the friends and guests of Dar Zerhoune, and we work with the American Fondouk, Fes, who provide the medicines free of charge each month.  We are grateful for everyone's support. 

Karma Flights

The law of karma: 'as you give, so shall you receive.' We’re a team of professional paragliding pilots who provide charity tandem flights throughout the world to make a difference in the communities where we fly. Our projects provide support in countries like Nepal where many children are not able to afford the $100 required to attend school each year. 

The Parahawking Project

Parahawking is paragliding with trained birds of prey. By combining ancient falconry methods with the modern techniques of Paragliding, birds of prey are trained to fly and interact with paragliders and their tandem passengers and to guide them to thermals.... Parahawking is not just a joyride. It's an education in bird of prey behaviour and conservation as a whole. Parahawking supports vulture conservation by donating 1000 rupees from every Parahawking tandem experience to selected vulture conservation projects in Nepal.

Quilts for Kids Nepal

Quilts for Kids Nepal is a microfinance project, based in Kathmandu, Nepal. It's mission is to provide work for economically-challenged women and to finance education for underprivileged children. Founded in 2006, the project operates in an encampment of Indian street beggars located in a large field in the Boudhanath neighborhood of Kathmandu.

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