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From Marrakech to Moulay Idriss, through olive groves and hidden cafés, we got to know Moroccan traditions and lifestyles in unique ways that I will cherish forever. Moreover, the combination of Christina, Jay and Dot was the perfect blend of guides. I can't imagine the trip without any of them -- each of them brought Morocco, self-knowledge and the spirit of adventure alive in new ways. Enthusiastically and wholeheartedly recommended!

April Rinne, public speaker and thought-leader on the sharing economy





I will remember this as one of the most blessed weeks I've ever spent.

Leyla Giray, publisher at Women on the Road





I am in awe of you Christina and your Deep Morocco Voyages.  I certainly would recommend your Zen travelling band to others as a transformative experience! Thank you for what you have given to me. You have widened my heart and helped hone my art!

Christopher Jones, filmmaker, The Boys Who Said No





For 10 days in Morocco, we workshopped with NPR speaker and San Francisco storyteller Doug Cordell, who was always ready to listen to our developing narrative in hotel lobbies, between train cars and anywhere else at the drop of a hat, while providing insightful feedback for our final story presentation. Thanks to Cordell’s encouragement and instruction, everyone on the trip created a compelling personal narrative, which they performed at Marrakech’s Café Clock – a venue renowned for hosting traditional Moroccan storytellers – on the final day of the trip. We also had the rare privilege to learn the art of storytelling from one of the last remaining traditional Moroccan storytellers in the country and see him perform – all against the backdrop of Moroccan snake charmers, ancient Roman ruins, lively medinas, cobbled medieval villages, braying donkeys and the daily call to prayer that truly established a sense of place unachievable anywhere else. I came away from the trip inspired and transformed with a reinvigorated love of travel, a new network of friends and fellow writers and a newfound passion for storytelling that I previously didn’t know I had. I would go back and do it all over again in a heartbeat.

Stefanie Hoffman, freelance writer and media strategist





Everything about it was magic! The experiences, the people we met, the trips, the wine, the conversations, the poetry, and most importantly, the non-fakeness of it all.

Siddharth Gupta, photographer, writer, filmmaker





Deep Travel Nepal was one of the best trips of my life. Truly. For the company. For the input. For the inspiration. For the scenery. The locals. Everything was pretty darn perfect! I came out of it transformed and the effects keep on reverberating in me to this day. Those koras around the stupa made my world turn upside down. It was pure magic.

Maria Bitarello, author of Só sei que foi assim





Many travel tours offer the opportunity to immerse yourself in the smells, sights and sounds of a different culture. But few do it with such attention to detail and thoughtful planning as Christina Ammon via her Deep Travel workshops. I experienced Morocco from an insider's perspective: traveling by train, bus, taxi, foot and donkey; the daily adventures to ruins, farms, and wineries; the evening social gatherings with local food and stimulating conversation; meeting poets, photographers, writers, artists and chefs. If you have the chance to travel with Christina, just say yes!

Bonnie J. Fladung, author of When Eagles Roar: The Amazing Journey of an African Wildlife Adventurer





The trip had the essential elements of deep travel:  cultural exchange, ease, excitement, organization, wonder, learning, great cuisine, and fun.  Kudos to Christina for creating the magic; Sid for his relevant comments, big voice, and humor; Dot for bringing the circles together; and Jay for his stories and insights for technique and directing each of us on our storytelling journeys.

Teya Jacobi, photographer





Oh I'm missing Morocco but have returned inspired thanks to you.  Looking forward to letting my pen dream.

Kimberley Lovato, freelance writer and author of Walnut Wine and Truffle Groves





Thank you all for such memorable times. Truly wonderful. Erin your guidance and provocative thinking so inspired. Christina, your planning was extraordinary and the friends that you shared with us defined Morocco. 

Gloria Wilson, author of Confessions of a Praying Atheist





We had a blast. The week we spent together was utterly transformative on many levels.

Sally Stephans, writer and owner of EarthSky Guest House





Thank you for a lifetime of memories and friendships packaged into a week of writers, writing, and Morocco!

Neal Hall, award winning poet





The Nepal workshop was life-changing for me. Christina, Anna and team are excellent guides, inspiring writers and warm-hearted mentors. I highly recommend venturing into the unknown with them. You won't regret it!

Michelle Zeidman, sketch artist





Nearly two weeks have passed.  My self is still in Morocco, my corporeal body goes to work.

MJ Pramik, award-winning travel writer





I want to thank Erin, Chris, Anna, Sabrina and Omar for organizing such an enriching writing venture in Morocco. I'm also overwhelmed with Sandy and Suzanna's generosity--the way they opened their doors and their hearts and made our understanding of Fez so much more interesting. Thank you for getting us to delve so deep. Anna's poetry and Sabrina’s salons were moments I won't forget. 


Ann Dufaux, award-winning travel writer





I can think of no better way to have met Morocco.  The people I met -- Moroccans and fellow writers alike -- were so passionate, so kind, and so inspiring. I fell a little bit in love with everyone I met there...


Sabrina Crawford, writer

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